1. Nov. 12 2020

    Autographed Calendars!

    Purchase a 2021 Fan Club Exclusive Calendar and 10 lucky winners will receive their calendars autographed by Adam! Pre-Order Now! *Recipients are chosen at random
  2. Surprise! I wanted to put together something special just for fan club members before the end of 2020. It has been quite a year and each one of you have been so kind and loving during these crazy times. I see your messages and comments, they mean so much to me. 2020 turned out to be a bit...

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  1. Posted 11.30.2020 by Carley Glambert 1 Comments

    Hey Glamberts It's December 1st here, I came up with an idea for my Blog I post each Adam Edit I have done til Christmas. There will be some Xmas Edits aswell. Day 1:

  2. Posted 11.30.2020 by Carley Glambert 0 Comments

    Hey Glamberts Hope you are all well and being safe. I made a new edit just to get into Christmas.

  3. Posted 11.30.2020 by Gill Cooper 0 Comments

    Hi Glamberts, Checking in with all to make sure you are staying safe and to let you know it’s only 26 sleeps til Santa comes! Xx

  4. Posted 11.29.2020 by Sharonne Dutton 1 Comments

    Hi guys Hope you are all safe and well. Just checking in to see if everyone is doing ok. Adam's episode of Moonbase 8 is on 29th November then the Disney singalong is 30th November. No further announcements in relation to any other TV appearances have been made. So this maybe it till next year. Take care of yourselves and each other. All my love Sharonne xxxxx

  5. Posted 11.28.2020 by chitownfan 0 Comments

    Just saying hello to all my Glambert pals. Haven't been here in a little while but I'm looking forward to seeming Adam on Monday night on the Disney special!

  6. Posted 11.28.2020 by RosemarieS 0 Comments

    Hi everyone, I heard on the Dutch radio that in LA stricter measures apply because of corona. Stay safe everyone and wear a face mask! If everyone follows the rules, we may be able to celebrate New Year's Eve with our loved ones. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Posted 11.28.2020 by Hiroco 1 Comments

    I am very grateful to know Adam earlier this year. When my beloved dog left for heaven and I was very sad, his music and the humor and music he shared and my friends at Glanberts helped me a lot. It was a very strange year 2020, but Adam made my this year. A lot of love, gratitude and respect to Adam. May this message reach him.

  8. Posted 11.27.2020 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    Happy Thanksgiving Adam! Are you still on vacation and did you make a pie this year? Loved your photos you look fabulous and you look so happy. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Glamily. Love this site and love being a part of the dan club. Very disappointing that our Adam did not get nominated for a Grammy. In a nutshell I’m done with award shows. I just don’t get it. Hey guys don’t forget to...

  9. Posted 11.27.2020 by mariyambert 0 Comments

    Adam,how are you?I also wanna see you. I wanna take Your humorous conversation, a lovely smile, and your feelings with my whole body! I miss you. I love you forever.

  10. Posted 11.27.2020 by Michelle Kish 0 Comments

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! I’m so thankful for the health and safety of myself and everyone I know,my friends and family, for having food on the table and a roof over my head everyday, and most especially my glamily! You guys have meant so much to me this past year and I don’t know what 2020 would have been like if if didn’t have you guys<3. And I’m very grateful for all the...


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