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  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to do something fun for you !! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy - Adam
  3. Jul. 17 2020

    Exclusive Teaser!

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  1. Priscilla Foglia avatar

    Posted 08.06.2020 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    Due to a hurricane which came through NJ over the last 2 days, I had no access to the internet and just saw a Facebook post about pre order of a You Are The Champions cd or vinyl. Already sold out!!!! Anyone know if fan club members will be able to get in on this?? Sooo disappointed!

  2. Sheryllcas avatar

    Posted 08.04.2020 by Sheryllcas 0 Comments

    Happy Tuesday to all who love and support Adam unconditionally and champion his right to live an authentic life!

  3. Lauren Hutton avatar

    Posted 08.04.2020 by Lauren Hutton 0 Comments

    Hey Glamily! How Are You Loves?

  4. Elemental Dancer avatar

    Posted 08.04.2020 by Elemental Dancer 1 Comments

    A while back I’d posted a blog about how amazing it would be to sit down to a meal and a chat with Adam, he always has the most interesting ideas and I think it would be a fascinating conversation. Anyway, you can best believe I jumped in my seat when I saw he was donating a lunch with himself in LA to raise money for his Feel Something Foundation. A chance at meeting Adam for doing...

  5. shels1 avatar

    Posted 08.03.2020 by shels1 4 Comments

    Hi i am new to here. Been a fan for a good bit now. I am from Dublin Ireland. i was due to go to the velvet tour which would of been my first tour. Do a lot of fans go to the concerts on thier own. I ask because i find it hard to go to concert on my own.

  6. Angelika avatar

    Posted 08.03.2020 by Angelika 0 Comments

    Heute habe ich meine Konzertkarten für September zurückgegeben. Leider gibt es ja keine neuen Termine für die Europatour. Was nicht geht, geht halt nicht. Trotzdem bin ich traurig. Passt auf euch auf und bleibt gesund!

  7. Hiroco avatar

    Posted 08.02.2020 by Hiroco 5 Comments

    I love VELVET music video. The PAPER magazine article is very interesting because it's about video and his fashion. If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to read it and watch the "VELVET" video again !! https://www.papermag.com/adam-lambert-velvet-2645713061.html?rebelltitem=3#rebelltitem3

  8. Sunny 69 avatar

    Posted 08.01.2020 by Sunny 69 2 Comments

    Thats me just bought my 1st tickets to see Adam with Queen for June next year i am really looking forward to it after this year being horrible just crossing my fingers that next year is good and all goes well Cant wait .

  9. Elemental Dancer avatar

    Posted 08.01.2020 by Elemental Dancer 3 Comments

    Tonight I was watching some of Scorpiobert’s excellent vids of last year’s Rhapsody tour in Chicago, and just reliving what it felt like to hear Adam sing live and the energy that was electric in the United Center. It was a moment in time I’ll never forget, I dance and sang myself raw, and wished It would never end. I MISS LIVE PERFORMANCES SO MUCH! At the same time I’m grateful to...

  10. Sarah Reynolds avatar

    Posted 07.31.2020 by Sarah Reynolds 4 Comments

    Hey Guys ???? Just wondering if anyone knows if the singed vinyls has been shipped out yet?


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