1. Jun. 06 2021

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    Can’t wait to perform for you all today!! Thanks so much to those of you who are joining in person and lots of love to you all you who will be watching on Twitch. Excited to play you some of my favorite hits and see you all again in Vegas this October! Have fun today and HAPPY PRIDE!!...
  2. Jun. 02 2021

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    Glamberts! We wanted you to be the first to know that Adam will be on the Today Show here in the US this Friday! He’ll be talking all things Stonewall Day, Vegas, and much more! Tune in this Friday, June at 9am ET on NBC!
  3. Our official Pride 2021 merch has landed! We've teamed up with our friends at The Spark Company ✨ to bring you this exclusive collection. Profits will be donated to the AKT Charity, who support homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Limited availability while stocks last! SHOP NOW...

Recent Blog Posts

  1. Posted 06.12.2021 by Carley Glambert 2 Comments

    5 years ago 49 Lives were lost in the Pulse Shootings in Orlando Florida, Queen and Adam performed at Isle of Wight Festival, They performed "Who Wants To Live Forever" in dedications to the victims that lost their lives that night. “This song is dedicated to those who lost their life last night in Orlando, Florida, And anybody that has been a victim of senseless violence or...

  2. Posted 06.10.2021 by Allie2021 1 Comments

    Adam! You need to pop on here and answer some fun fan questions via this fan club site!! If you guys could ask him anything, what would it be? Here are mine! 1.) How did you meet your current kick ass all girl band? 2.) Has any other band tried to snatch you up as a lead singer? Or ask you to be? 3.) Do you wear silk pajama’s?! Had to ask! Adam, you are incredible to your...

  3. Posted 06.10.2021 by Gail Mors 0 Comments

    Who won the drawing for the virtual meet and greet plus other activities for Stonewall Day. There has never been any mention of it that I can find.

  4. Posted 06.10.2021 by shels1 0 Comments

    Hi Just a warning i got an Instagram account for Oliver Gliese today. I account seem to be gone from my account. I am guessing it is fake. Just a warning keep an eye out for it

  5. Posted 06.07.2021 by chitownfan 2 Comments

    I loved Adam's performance at the Stonewall main event. His hair was so funky and his outfit was fun. A plaid kilt AND plaid pants? You never know what to expect with Adam. LOL Loved his set list and the duet he did. He looked like he was so happy to perform before a life audience again. He's very good at being an emcee, too. Heard that there were 4.6 million viewers on twitch!

  6. Posted 06.07.2021 by Miss a gregory 0 Comments

    Hi guys what a beautiful start to Monday here in UK. First thing I saw on twitter was Adam looking so beautiful & happy and oh the outfit & hair is to die for. How lovely too Adam mentioned his Glamberts typical of that big heart. It feels like at last Adam is back where he belongs on stage singing and happy. I must get some of those pics for my wall at home not only for gazing at...

  7. Posted 06.07.2021 by Lois Wilson 0 Comments

    Hi Glamberts, Sadly, I cannot make the trip to Las Vegas. Ticketmaster won't allow me to sell my ticket (I'm only asking what I paid for it). They will let me transfer it. It's for Oct 30. Second row of the mezzanine, aisle seat. If you are interested, please DM me @out.loud.allytoactivist on IG so we can connect. I'll be glad to screenshot the receipt, so you will see the actual...

  8. Posted 06.06.2021 by Lizanne 1 Comments

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I was really active on here because of school but hi, I'm baaack :) I'm super exited for all the things that got announced the past week and I can't wait to wake up before 6am (Eurpean Glambert :/ ) to watch Adam's live performance for Stonewall Day via Twitch. Also, happy pride month everyone! I haven't been on here for like a month, jeez :)...

  9. Posted 06.04.2021 by Carley Glambert 1 Comments

    Some Edits made by me -Pride Theme Happy Pride Month Glamberts and Adam, Since I became a Glambert I have learnt a lot more about LGBTQIA All because of Adam, I understand it a lot better than I did back 20 years ago, I never understood it back then, I don't normally talk about personal stuff, This isn't too personal but back then I had an ex friend that use to tell me I was a...

  10. Posted 06.04.2021 by season lady 1 Comments

    Hi Glamberts, He's live and back on stage in Vegas with Velvet. Unfortunately, I won't be going to Vegas because it's on the west coast and I live on the east coast. Plus, I will be 70yrs young in October and I really don't like flying. However, I have all my 2019 concert memories of Adam's solo concert (Velvet side A) and Q&AL(MSG 2 nights in August) all concerts were outstanding. Oh...


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