1. So grateful for all of your love for 'Live Around the World'!! Thrilled to hear we're in the running for #1 UK/Australia. Help us get there by heading to Queen's Store now and getting the album in your favorite format!! cd, video, even cassette and more... ;)
  2. Queen + Adam Lambert live to date: 218 shows - Total audience: 3,659,232 But here’s one thing they haven’t done until now: Queen + Adam Lambert to release first LIVE album Queen + Adam Lambert ‘Live Around the World’ is released worldwide TODAY in CD, CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray,...
  3. Adam Lambert is joining forces with the Center for Gender-Affirming Care, based in his hometown of San Diego, to raise funds towards its mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate, evidence based care and support to transgender and non-binary youth and their families. Part of...

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  1. Posted 10.19.2020 by Sharonne Dutton 0 Comments

    Hi guys Hope you are all safe and well. Did you have a good weekend, if so what did you get up to? I set myself a list of things I wanted to get sorted whilst in lockdown. I am no my final item which is put together my coffee and side tables, so will be doing those tonight. I have a family Zoom call later today that we do every Monday and it's great to catch up with...

  2. Posted 10.18.2020 by Carley Glambert 0 Comments

    I hope you had a lovely weekend. It's almost a new week and 2nd last week of October Almost time for Adam's favourite holiday. Look forward to whatever Adam is going to wear

  3. Posted 10.18.2020 by Gill Cooper 0 Comments

    Hi Glamily I feel like I have been away for such a long time but I have a broken husband and have been doing all the man chores around here ( think I need a smaller property hahaha! Can I say that it had given me so much time to listen to the new album and OMG! Am I in love with this mans voice!

  4. Posted 10.18.2020 by Emilie Beth 3 Comments

    What is your favorite track from the QAL live album? I personally love Somebody To Love! And I was happy that they put Tear It Up on there.

  5. Posted 10.17.2020 by chitownfan 1 Comments

    I finally got my Blue Ray DVDs in the mail! So excited! My first order from the UK got goofed up so I had to reorder from Target. They came right away. I will be watching LATW tonight. Everyone says it's fantastic. Looking forward to hearing more about Adam's new projects. He says he has things in the works that he can't talk about yet. I have to sign up for Showtime so I can watch him on his...

  6. Posted 10.17.2020 by Shadow Whysper 0 Comments

    To be honest, I'm a little surprised that we've only reached the halfway mark of Adam's goal, halfway through the month of October... I understand that these are difficult times with Covid, and that money can be tight. I just thought the fans would jump at the possibility to get a message from Adam, have a virtual M&G, or Q&A with him... Sure, that really shouldn't be your only motivation...

  7. Posted 10.16.2020 by Carley Glambert 1 Comments

    Hi all Have a lovely weekend. The weather here in my home town is raining. Loved watching You on Twitch the other morning Adam, Look forward to all the things you have in store for us. Sorry I don't say much in the live chats you often give us. I am kinda shy lol. Love you.

  8. Posted 10.16.2020 by monawinn 0 Comments

    I am a little getting nervous because look like everybody got the new album but I still haven't received mine yet. Hopefully, it won't get lost.

  9. Posted 10.15.2020 by Michelle Kish 2 Comments

    Who else watched the Q&A on Twitch yesterday? I did and I’m glad that I did because he answered my question that I submitted on Twitter. And he only took a handful off of twitter ahhhh!!!!!! It’s not the fact that he replied to me that got me excited. It’s the fact that I got to see and hear him read my tweet out loud AND I got to actually hear his answer live! Omg remembering that moment...

  10. Posted 10.15.2020 by Becky 2 Comments

    Whataya want from Adam ? In terms of a wish list of items you would like to see available for purchase in the Fan Club Store, that is. Of course --- we would all love front row seats and meet and greets --- but other than that--- what would your "Wish List" include for something that you would like to give one of your friends, or even to yourself, to celebrate a holiday or birthday with a...


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