1. Sep. 02 2021

    Vegas Livestream

    Surprise! We hinted that we were working on a way to have all of you who can’t make it to Vegas still be a part of our show. Well here it is! We’ll be streaming the Friday, October 29th show LIVE across the world for anyone and everyone to enjoy. I’m so excited to be able to connect...
  2. Sep. 02 2021

    Exclusive New Merch

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Recent Blog Posts

  1. Posted 09.17.2021 by Glambert5045 1 Comments

    Hello my Glamily, I have some good news to share with you all! I’ve finally bought my livestream ticket to watch Adam’s virtual concert live from Las Vegas at The Venetian on 10/29, as my early birthday present for myself. And it’s going to be available to watch online on Looped by just only 60 days away from my real 37th birthday on 12/29. And I’ve chosen PayPal to pay for my...

  2. Posted 09.16.2021 by Danielle Vella 1 Comments

    A new hand drawing I made of Adam. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E_ZNXd9UYAMNpYR?format=jpg&name=large

  3. Posted 09.13.2021 by Danielle Vella 2 Comments

    Hey everyone. How are you all doing? I created a new hand drawing of Adam. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E-rCbN6VEAA_W8e?format=jpg&name=large

  4. Posted 09.09.2021 by shels1 1 Comments

    hi I am so looking forward to the Vegas Concert. Wishing that i lived the the USA to see it live in person. So the next best thing will have to be live stream. I am wishing and hoping for a tour soon that i can go and see him live and hope to meet some fans.

  5. Posted 08.17.2021 by Danielle Vella 6 Comments

    Hey glamberts , hope you are all well and safe… a few hand drawings I created of Adam and Brian. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8_H1UWVIAA8DTC?format=jpg&name=large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8_KejZVcAANuoI?format=jpg&name=large

  6. Posted 08.12.2021 by Danielle Vella 0 Comments

    My attempt at Adam ‘s ‘Valentino Red Look’ ….. love love love all your tutorials Adam…. Thank you so much…. Had so much fun trying them out and learning from you, you are absolutely amazing…. #glamberts https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8lJjXeVgAEFSUX?format=jpg&name=medium

  7. Posted 08.09.2021 by Danielle Vella 2 Comments

    My attempt at Adam ‘s ‘Night Look’ ….. thank you so much again Adam for all your tutorials ….. especially love this look … you are absolutely amazing ???????? #glamberts https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8Uj4uxVgAEhwpx?format=jpg&name=large

  8. Posted 08.09.2021 by season lady 0 Comments

    OMG, just when I thought Adam's singing the Bill of Rights in the We the People series was amazing and educational he goes and do this musical Cinderella. His theatrical vocals in Vanquishing of the 3-heaed Sea Witch were unbelievable, powerful and fun that you can visualize what he singing about at least for me. We all love his high notes but his low notes are as equal and amazing especially...

  9. Posted 08.08.2021 by Carley Glambert 0 Comments

    I have recently made some more Videos. Carley Glambert I have 855 subs on my channel almost half way to 1,000 subscribers my aim is to get to 1,000 by my 3rd Glambert Anniversary. which is 3 months away, 87 days to go. So Glamberts please subscribe if you have not done so.

  10. Posted 08.07.2021 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    Hey Adam I love your tutorials! Since I am a huge lover of make up and have been pretty much all my life I am really enjoying some of your tips. As an older person 70 the shape of my eyes is starting to sag a bit and the skin is getting a bit looser around my eyelids. I have tried some of your techniques and it definitely helps. Thank you! See you in Vegas!!


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