1. Feb. 10 2021

    QAL 2022 Tour

    Queen + Adam Lambert: “It breaks our hearts...”
 UK & European Rhapsody Tour again postponed 
 But the show goes on in 2022 – with two dates added in Glasgow - ON SALE NOW Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, plus singer Adam Lambert, spoke today of the...

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  1. Posted 02.25.2021 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    I’d like to thank my Glamily from the official Adam Lambert Facebook fan group for the birthday wishes. They meant a lot to me!!!

  2. Posted 02.24.2021 by Lizanne 0 Comments

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great day. Can you believe it's already been two years since Queen+Adam opened the Oscars? I certainly can't believe it's been that long ago. That performance of We will rock you and We are the Champions will forever be iconic. And the looks Adam served that day? So good. If I remember correctly he wore Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen on the red carpet,...

  3. Posted 02.24.2021 by Sharonne Dutton 1 Comments

    Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have been filled with all your messages. Brought me so much joy today. Thank you all again. All my love Sharonne xxxxxx

  4. Posted 02.23.2021 by Sharonne Dutton 0 Comments

    Hey. How is everyone? Hope you are all well. Here in UK we are looking at getting back on track and ending lockdown and everything open by 21st June. All adults to have had at least first vaccine jab by end of July. Light at the end of a very long tunnel. It has been quiet lately, hopefully some more news will be announced soon about what else Adam has going on after Stonewall...

  5. Posted 02.22.2021 by Lizanne 0 Comments

    Hi everyone how are you doing? Feel Something had it’s two year anniversary yesterday and it also has been two years since Adam shared this heartfelt message with the world. Him telling us some of the stuff he dealt with still kinda breaks my heart every now and then. I am so proud of the work Adam&the Feel Something Foundation is doing. Adam got so visibly active last year. During...

  6. Posted 02.22.2021 by Danielle Vella 1 Comments

    Hey guys it’s drawing time. I created this new drawing of Adam. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eu04H7tVgAI132X?format=jpg&name=large

  7. Posted 02.22.2021 by Carley Glambert 0 Comments

    2 years ago our Favourite Human gave a special gift that came with a letter, Adam wanted to tell us what he had ben going through, I for one was shock that he felt that way I had always thought he was always happy etc Then again not every Smile is a cheerful one, I am glad Adam had Bri and Roger there for him, plus had Queen concerts to help him through, As for Feel Something I still can't...

  8. Posted 02.21.2021 by Lea Baldwin 0 Comments

    A comment by Adam during Stonewall Day Unplugged, February 18, 2021: “I’m very fortunate to have an incredibly loyal fanbase, they get very excited about what I get excited about, they’ve been incredible, they’ve been so generous.” He is so grateful, and we are so grateful! Mutual gratefulness! What’s not to love about this guy?! Here’s a little something I put...

  9. Posted 02.20.2021 by Lizanne 1 Comments

    AAaaahhh I convinced my parents to plan a weekend trip to Amsterdam and I bought the last two tickets for the Queen+Adam Lambert concert on the 1st of July 2022!!! I didn't even think I could convince my family to make a trip out of it just so my sister and I could see them live for the first time. God I'm so happyyy, I was so sad when I realised that all the tickets for Germany are sold out...

  10. Posted 02.20.2021 by chitownfan 1 Comments

    Hello, Glamberts! I have a question. How are current videos posted on this site? I am active on a few other sites that post videos, but I don't understand how it is done here. For example, he just did the first pre-event discussion for the Stonewall commemoration. I saw the video of Adam hosting the chat on other sites, but not here. How does Adam Official post these things and where? I have...


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