1. Surprise! I’m so excited that Vegas shows are almost here. Thought this fan club member designed Halloween exclusive shirt would be the perfect way to pick you each out from the crowd. Thanks for all of your support and can’t wait to see you all in Vegas or on the livestream!

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  1. Posted 01.21.2022 by juan camero 0 Comments


  2. Posted 01.18.2022 by Danielle Vella 2 Comments

    A new hand drawing I created of Adam. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FJXtnakagAAQj7N?format=jpg&name=large

  3. Posted 01.06.2022 by AviciiLambert 4 Comments

    Does anyone remember this song called “Lay Me Down” by the late Avicii himself for when he made it with both Adam and Nile almost nine years ago back in 2013 before it appeared on his first album, “True” and it was later released as a single the following year but it was never played on the radio in The United States almost eight years ago back in 2014? I kinda like the song, though,...

  4. Posted 01.05.2022 by Danielle Vella 3 Comments

    Happy New Year to everyone. Hope this year is a better year for all of us. Here is a recap of some hand drawings I made in 2021. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FH59ZkqUUAc4Ufp?format=jpg&name=large

  5. Posted 01.01.2022 by Judit Sneider 0 Comments

    Dear Glamily, Last year was special in many ways, but I hope the next one will be much, much better in everything. I can't wait for the European QAL Tour. I wish everyone a wonderful new year, first of all good health, lots of love, old and new friends, lots of good music, pleasant surprises, achievements, successes, and everything you desire. Very happy 2022 for all of...

  6. Posted 12.27.2021 by Aunt Jane 0 Comments

    I just received my 2022 Calendar. The photos are amazing. I also enjoy where important dates are noted each month. I am very happy how quickly it was shipped. Hugs to Pharoah and Adam.

  7. Posted 12.22.2021 by LauraO320 0 Comments

    Hi Glamily, I'm doing a special project for Adams 40th Birthday! If anyone would like to join please contact me on IG (mslaura_lambert)or click on the link below. https://paypal.com/pools/c/8F5sDE4zWN

  8. Posted 12.10.2021 by Priscilla Foglia 7 Comments

    Hi all! I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t find anywhere to renew my fan club membership on this site. I also just recently ordered two calendars somehow the confirmation of my order got lost in my emails I can’t even find it in trash and there’s nowhere on the fan club site that I can find information that my order for the two calendars went through. If anyone can help,...

  9. Posted 12.08.2021 by chitownfan 0 Comments

    Hello! Haven't posted here in a while. Just saw a bit of a photo showing a rehearsal space that Adam and his band were rehearsing in. Wonder what is going? What is the event? Can't wait to find out! Also, it seems that LIFE magazine is doing a special issue on the history of QUEEN right up through Adam! What a surprise! Can't wait for it to come out. Loved Adam's duet with Darren...

  10. Posted 12.07.2021 by Priscilla Foglia 4 Comments

    My fan club subscription is about to expire December 12. Does anyone know if I will get a notification I’ll be able to renew on the fan club site??


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