1. May. 29 2020

    Harper's Bazaar

    Adam talked with Harper's Bazaar about the inspiration and meaning behind the VELVET music video! Watch Adam's explanation and read the interview! http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/art-books-music/a32698967/adam-lambert-music-video-playback/
  2. Adam is helping to launch Global Citizen's campaign, Global Goal: Unite For Our Future, designed to protect everyone during this pandemic and support funding for COVID-19 treatment. Join us as we call on world leaders — including the France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and more — to...
  3. Adam is going to be on the #StrongerThanYouThink livestream event today at 3:19pm PT & 4:59pm PT!! Tune in for performances, interviews, and open conversations about mental health for our youth. All money raised during the livestream on the official Stronger Than You Think FB, Twitch,...

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  1. Leigh Monahan avatar

    Posted 04.20.2020 by Leigh Monahan 0 Comments

    So I just re-watched all of Adam’s AMAZING performances on American Idol and 10 years later it still pisses me off that he didn’t win! Such BULLSH$T!!! He is in a different category of talent.. I mean there was really no contest... no disrespect to the other performers on season 8, but I mean REALLY??!!!?!

  2. Leigh Monahan avatar

    Posted 04.17.2020 by Leigh Monahan 2 Comments

    Why don’t we hear Adam in the radios?? It really bugs me!?? He is amazing and his music is brilliant... I don’t get it????!!!!

  3. season lady avatar

    Posted 04.13.2020 by season lady 0 Comments

    I just received my new Velevt cd and this one has the vocals for New Eyes on it. Yes! but I am still keeping the one without vocals as a collector item for me because I just love Adam. Now, I am just waiting for my vinyl to come.

  4. Priscilla Foglia avatar

    Posted 03.22.2020 by Priscilla Foglia 2 Comments

    When does this site get updated? No info. about Adam postponing concerts and appearances due to what is happening in the world.

  5. Becky avatar

    Posted 03.04.2020 by Becky 0 Comments

    HI all you lucky members who are going to Adam's Wembley concert! Some of you who bought tickets through the Presales, and were wondering about the details related to this, Admin tells me that you need to go to [email protected] . You will then be forwarded to the appropriate channel.

  6. Shane avatar

    Posted 02.19.2020 by Shane 0 Comments

    Ticketmaster is having a fan club presale for Adam’s added shows in Las Vegas on 4/18 and 4/19 right now. Does anyone know what the code is to unlock these seats? It says it’s a fan club presale but I haven’t seen a code for this anywhere. If anyone knows please kindly share.

  7. Priscilla Foglia avatar

    Posted 02.15.2020 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    Does anyone know when the concert will be broadcast i the USA, what network and time?

  8. WJAZ avatar

    Posted 02.11.2020 by WJAZ 0 Comments

    Brilliant song but no tour in Australia scheduled, please do a solo tour Adam

  9. chankawa avatar

    Posted 02.06.2020 by chankawa 1 Comments

    Woo Hoo!! Just scored tickets for Adam in Las VEgas! Thank you for giving me presale code! Code is: SOLO

  10. chankawa avatar

    Posted 02.05.2020 by chankawa 5 Comments

    When is the presale code available for fan club members? I thought it was for today, Feb 5 HOw do I get the presale code?


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