1. May. 10 2021

    Stonewall Day 2021

    OUTLOUD: Raising Voices, the award-winning LGBTQ+ PRIDE artist series, kicks off Pride Month 2021 and a return to live events with a three-day concert June 4 - 6, 2021. The celebration will connect with a global audience through an exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch, the...
  2. We are thrilled to team up with our new friends at the SoundWaves Art Foundation on these gorgeous art prints based on the soundwaves of #FeelSomething. Our founder, Adam Lambert , has autographed each copy and 100% of the profits are going directly to The Trevor Project. Limited amounts so...

Recent Blog Posts

  1. Posted 05.17.2021 by Priscilla Foglia 0 Comments

    happy two year anniversary for New eyes and nine years for Trespassing wow I can’t believe I have listened to you, looked at photos and videos of you every day for the past what is it now 12 years or so? Anyway you are the best and you look fabulous on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards I just wanna let you and my fellow Glamberts know that if you purchase items from Amazon you can sign up to...

  2. Posted 05.16.2021 by Lizanne 0 Comments

    Hey everybody, I know I'm one day late but happy two year anniversary to New Eyes and happy 9th anniversary to Trespassing! Can't believe it's been 2 years since New Eyes was released and wow, 9 years since Trespassing made history as the first number one album on the Billboard 200 chart by an openly gay artist?! Crazy how the time flies. I drew the Trespassing album cover to celebrate 9...

  3. Posted 05.15.2021 by Lea Baldwin 0 Comments

    Happy album release anniversary, Adam, thank you for the music <3

  4. Posted 05.14.2021 by Miss a gregory 0 Comments

    Hi guys just a quick blog to say how wonderful these last few weeks have been here in GB having Adam here has been a complete joy it's always so great to welcome him here and he brings so much fun. Great too that Oliver joined him and they shared those beautiful pics with us adorable. Loved the Magic Tree pics too certainly is now wish we knew exactly where it was I bet it would be hugged by...

  5. Posted 05.13.2021 by Lizanne 0 Comments

    It's been two days since the Brits and wow it was lovely seeing Adam on a red carpet again, looking fabulous, doing interviews, meeting up with other celebs and doing a wonderful job at presenting the award for best British group with Olly Murs (congrats to Little Mix, they absolutely deserve it). Adam's outfit was gorge! And his hair and make-up looked perfect as always. The red carpet...

  6. Posted 05.13.2021 by cad 3 Comments

    Hey everyone!!! I just joined. I've been a fan since I saw Adam on Idol, but I only recently got back into his music. Anyway~ I have a question. I can't for the life of me figure out how to put pictures or videos into these posts. I see there's an place to paste a link to embed a photo.... but I've never been really great with those things. I really don't have any idea...

  7. Posted 05.12.2021 by Gill Cooper 0 Comments

    Hi Glamberts! Feels like forever since I wrote a blog!! Not much been going on here no April member of the month! What’s happening?? Been watching the Brit awards and of course Adam is looking mighty fine! I swear he stole my boots!! Be safe XX

  8. Posted 05.10.2021 by Rosebud3693 1 Comments

    Who is Adam Lamberts fan club member of the month for APRIL??????????Just wondering!!!

  9. Posted 05.09.2021 by Lizanne 0 Comments

    Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mum's out there! It's been a while since I've been on here, hope everybody is doing alright :) Just wanted to come on here and say a big thank you to Adam for sharing my edit for mother's day (gonna link that [b]here[/b] ), that really made my day. Thank you Adam :) Also, how cute are the new pic&video of Adam and Oliver? Couple goals! Xx Lizzy

  10. Posted 05.08.2021 by Rosebud3693 2 Comments

    Hey all you Glamberts out there! HAPPY ADAM LAMBERT DAY!!! Even though it was one day back in 2009 on May 8th we can continue to celebrate our Superstar every year!!! At the moment he is off in London taping Starstruck & Legendary. I hope Oliver is still there with him and they are having a fabulous time together! I just love to see Adam so happy, he really deserves all the love in the world!...


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