Council Bluffs, IA

June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

  1. BoaBoy avatar

    great pic

  2. AdamLambertforever avatar

    wooooow! :o

  3. Illyria avatar

    This is a gorgeous photo! And I'm loving the girl's shirts!

  4. -Adam'sGurl#1-Glambert#5042 avatar


  5. adamlambertlover187 avatar

    Awesome picture!

  6. Screengems avatar

    great pic!

  7. reneeidolpi avatar

    nice pic!

  8. Buderschnookie avatar

    Awesome photo!

  9. SherryM avatar

    Love your t-shirts.

  10. AdamsIowaGirl29 avatar

    YAY GO VOODOOME :-) So wish he would've put up Chip's pics.. then mine would've been up too!

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