1. Ageanblue avatar

    Great picture!

  2. Kathryn17 avatar


  3. Wild4Adam avatar

    Great group shot. Was at this concert. Missing the good times.

  4. jeanie avatar

    I love this group pic :)

  5. AdamLambertforever avatar

    hahaha Boaboy :) can i join this menage a quatre? :D love you dresses girls :)

  6. BoaBoy avatar

    menage a quatre

  7. -Adam'sGurl#1-Glambert#5042 avatar

    DAMN ADAM Look at you and all the Preety gurls :)

  8. adamlambertlover187 avatar

    Awesome picture!

  9. Buderschnookie avatar

    Awesome photo!

  10. SherryM avatar

    Love these group pictures. Adam and the ladies.

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